Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Consultation cost?

A consultation costs £125 (inclusive of VAT).

How long does a Consultation last?

A consultation will usually last for approximately 30 minutes. However we are sensitive to the fact that some will last longer and we will not rush you.

What will happen at the Consultation?

We will listen carefully and sensitively while you tell us why you have come to see us. We will then explain the various immigration options that are available to you based on the information that you provided us with. We will consider your individual circumstances and discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of your options.

Who will be my Advisor/Consultant/?

We have advisors/consultants/immigration experts/experienced advisors/staff from all over the world who can speak fluently in all the languages that the vast majority of our clients speak and we also have different staff that specialise in and possess much experience in all of the different kinds of Immigration application that we assist with. We will therefore select the most suitably qualified and experienced consultant depending on the information you have provided, your personal circumstances and your individual situation to have your consultation with you.

So what happens after the consultation?

It’s up to you! You decide how you would like to proceed and if you would like us to assist you in your Immigration matter.

So how much will it cost then?

It depends on the type of Immigration application but we will inform you of the prices for our different services as detailed in our fee scale.

So If I decide to use your service I have to pay a consultation fee AND a fee for the service?

No, we think that would be unfair! In fact if you decide to pay for/use our full service/services we will deduct your consultation fee from the fee for the service. So as an example if our service costs 1000 say, you would get 125 off that and pay 875, a 12.5% discount.

I have filled in my immigration application form myself, I think it is almost ready but a friend told me that applications always fail because of something to do with documents, do you offer a document checking service?

We do not, we offer either a consultation only or a full service. We considered a document checking service but we decided it was not a good idea for what we consider to be a very good reason, namely that we like to work on an immigration application from start to finish and get to know it inside out so that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients. Our clients instruct us as to what they want to achieve in their immigration matter and we consider that to truly act in the best interests of our clients we need to take charge and use our experience from start to finish.

So I decide to use your service and I pay for it at the consultation, what happens next?

We will write you a client care letter. This will confirm in writing your instructions and what you have told us you want to achieve. It will contain our advice, which we gave in our consultation, written in a clear and understandable manner. We will break the advice down into simple parts. It will also advise you which documents you will need to provide as part of your application.

You will then bring us your documents and we will examine them to ensure if they comply with the high standards of the UKBA. We might ask you to provide additional documents or even to change very slightly documents that you have provided. We understand how frustrating this can be for example spending all day going to banks asking them to give you very specific documents in the correct format. Please understand that we are not doing it to be difficult we are doing it to help you. The UKVI is not like most organisations it can simply choose and often does not to be flexible, if a document does not comply with their standards they can simply reject your application.

People can be emotional and understandably so when it comes to immigration applications. Having always dreamed of going to work in London, one of the business capitals of the world, then being offered a job and the dream gradually actually becoming a reality…. then having to do an immigration application. Emotion can get in the way, it an affect how you fill in the form. You start thinking about what it is the UK would want from you so you start telling them in the application form that you are what they want. You guess what they want.

We pride ourselves on being able to remove the emotion. To help our clients feel the emotion of happiness and calm. We are aware and always remind ourselves that emotion does not help. There are some rules, which you need to demonstrate you meet. To do this you need to submit documents and follow processes. We will help you jump through the hoops.

We offer assistance and specialist advice on specific immigration issues. We are not part of the Home Office. General immigration advice and forms can be found on the Home Office website

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