New Home Office Guide for Tier 1 Entrepreneurs

The Home Office – presumably inspired by a high rate of refusals of Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications – have produced an online booklet on their website entitled “Reducing common errors in Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) applications”:

It is of course an important part of the Government’s immigration strategy to encourage business and investment, so presumably the Government wants Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications (genuine ones, that is) to succeed.

Like other parts of the points-based system the Tier 1 Entrepreneur rules have become progressively more onerous and complex; a lot of applications fail because the applicant did not sufficiently get to grips with the at times Byzantine level of complexity, and this booklet is designed to assist.

It does not go very deep into anything but does at least provide some basic advice on various difficult issues, so it might at least serve to point out potential errors or omissions that applicants might encounter.

August 6, 2013

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