Services at UKVISAS.COM – What we can do for you. Submitting an application to the UK immigration authorities can be a very complicated, time consuming and sometimes stressful process. There are usually extensive and detailed rules for each category and it is absolutely vital, therefore, that your immigration application is presented with the correct supporting documents. An incorrectly presented immigration application can either be held up by requests for further information or, at worst, even be refused.  At UKVISAS.COM we can remove this worry for you. Our multi-lingual team of qualified advisers can quickly assess the viability of your situation and advise on which route to take. Our starting point is usually a face-to-face discussion to ascertain exactly what your requirements are. Once we understand your needs, we draw on our experience and expertise to tell you exactly what is legally possible and which type or types of visa are best suited to your circumstances. Acting on your behalf we then see the visa application processed through to a final conclusion.

Our undertaking to you:

  • We will deliver a timely, professional service based and our in-depth understanding of the immigration rules and how they may apply to your circumstances;
  • We will not, normally, submit an application to the immigration authorities until we are reasonably certain that it will succeed.

We offer assistance and specialist advice on specific immigration issues. We are not part of the Home Office. General immigration advice and forms can be found on the Home Office website

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